• Adam Slomka Employee Logistics
  • Alain Vandichel Employee Logistics

    "Films, music, Jupiler, trustworthy, family, good food, games"

    Persoal Question:

    "How would you characterize your closest colleagues?"

    Fun and nice colleagues. They are a pleasure to work with every day!

  • Gary Kartodimedjo employee logistics

    "family, music, going out, films, sociability"

    Persoal Question:

    "Which elho product is your favourite and why? "

    I think the Pure range looks very crisp and modern. Especially the Pure LED and Pure Light create a great vibe. 

  • Gideon van Amerongen Employee goods receivable

    "Perfectionist, humor, fitness, films, friends"

    Persoal Question:

    "Which elho product is your favourite and why?"

    The Pure series stands out for me personally. The design is unique and the series is a beautiful addition to every home. 

  • Giel Vennix employee logistic administration

    "Piano, sports, going out, traveling, friends, films/tv series"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you go to work with a smile?"

    Lots of challengers and lots of variety and all of these great colleages make me feel very much at home.


  • Hans Lampe Employee Logistics

    "Bourgeois, camping, daddy, colleague, stubborn, friendly, computer, tv series, hiking, nature"

    Personal Question:

    "Which elho product is your favourite and why?"

    I think the birdhouse is a nice product.


  • Jacek Motyl Employee Logistics

    "Watching tv, cooking, football, music and traveling"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you feel good at elho?

    I feel comfortable here because the atmosphere here is pleasant. The people here are frieldny and help me whenever it is needed because I don't speak Dutch.

  • Patrick Mulders Teamleader Logistics

    Sports, films, Jupiler, Liverpool, traveling, music"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you feel comfortable at elho?"

    The work is never boring, we have innovation and new colleagues every year!

  • Piotr Bakalarz Employee logistics
  • Piotr Baran employee logistics

    "Trance music, playing piano, playing guitar, my girlfriend's dishes, traveling, mountine trekking,Beer, whiskey, parties"

    persoonlijke vraag: 

    "why are you going to work with pleasure?"

    My collegues are friendly people which can create a very great atmosphere in company.I like my job. I like our crew and together we have a great times while doing our job.

    Because we are all respecting and helping eachother. We are just like a one big family. 

  • Jacek Nowak Employee Logistics

    "Cooking, cycling, football, music and running"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you go to work with a smile?"

    I like to get out of bed in the morning to go to elho, because I have a lot of friends in the logistics department. I can work while I'm having a great time!

  • Kazimierz Jaskaczek Employee Logistics
  • Krzysztof Mycka Employee Logistics

    "Music, sports, bass guitar, cars, technology, family, friends, beer, freedom"

    Personal Question:

    "What do you think of the atmosphere at elho?"

    A nice cup of coffee and catching up is a great way to start your workday! We are a great team and I will solve every problem together with my colleagues. This is how you create a great atmosphere.

  • Krzysztof Wolynski Employee Logistics

    "Sports and ships"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you go to work with a smile?"

    I love the great atmosphere at elho!


  • Ludo Langenhoff projectmanager operations

    "Proud father of three children, Belgian beer with friends, hockey, movie lover, numbers guy, camping" 

    Personal question: 

    "What makes you proud at elho?" 

    elho is an ambitious company where growth is reflected in all aspects. Personal growth, turnover growth and growth in assortment. Therefore, it is extremely challenging for me to contribute to the success of elho. 

  • Mark Beringen Employee Logistics

    "Working, gaming, fishing, teamplayer, dry wit"

    Personal Question:

    "Which elho product stands out and why?"

    The Pure series is my favourite. The products are modern and look clean. The black and white coloured ones are the most beautiful products in our wide assortment!


  • Mateusz Zapotoczny employee logistics

    " Helpfull, friendship, funny"

    Personal question:

    "Why would you recommend elho with a friend?"

    Because I feel good at elho and the atmosphere is very good.

  • Michael Radomski employee logistics

    sports, family, friends, travel, beach, x-box

    personal question:

    Why do you go with pleasure to work?

    I go to work with pleasure because we work here with wonderful people. The atmosphere at elho is great, because every day at work can be a pleasure.

  • Michal Cieslik employee logistics administration

    “Avid gamer, TV-series geek, anime & manga lover”

    Persoonlijke vraag: 

    "Describe your colleagues at your department"

    My colleagues are trustworthy, dedicated, very friendly and professional at work.

    It’s a pleasure to be a part of this great team!

  • Noud Munsters Teamleader Logistic Administration

    "Football, music lover, humor, Burgundian, family man"

    Personal Question:

    “Why do you go to work with a smile every day?”

    No day is the same and each day is a new challenge, being innovative and focused on the future. We´re always researching if it is possible to do things better and faser, never a quiet moment.

  • Mark Maas Employee Logistics

    "Football, Formula 1, working, permanently motivated, friendly"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you go to work with a smile?"

    In these times it is hard to find work and you should be happy if you can get anything. For me, that´s easy. Even in rough times, it is important to be happy at work.

  • Renz van As Employee Logistics administration
  • Wojciech Janczak employee logistics

    "Electronics, cooking, Oldtimers cars, WRC Rally, riding cross bike, paintball, swimming, DIY, traveling, computer games"

    persoonlijke vraag:

    "Why do you go with pleasure to work?"

    Very funny and friendly people which know what they are doing. I like to work with our crew.
    I very like the atmosphere at our company, people are very friendly and open for a help to another one.
    We treat each other with respect. My experienced collegues are teaching me lot of useful things. They are giving me solutions how to do the job easy
    and propper.