• Alex van Houtum Teamleader Handling

     Toppers, football, Burgundian, family man, Turkey, diet, animals"

    Personal Question:

    What makes you proud at elho?

    The fact that I have been working here for almost 25 years and I will be the first person to reach this milestone. Another thing that makes me proud is the fact that I work together with a team that has been working at elho for a long time as well. And finally, the fact that despite the ever increasing output, we as a team manage to bring the final product to the customer on time every season.

  • Bep van den Wildenberg Employee Handling

    "cooking, shopping, wintersports"

    Personal Question:

    "Which product op elho do you like the most and why?"

    The whole Pure collection.

  • Cindy Schepens Employee Handling

     “Movies, nature, animals, reading, listening to music, good food

    Personal Question:

    Why do you feel good at elho?

    Elho makes me feel comfortable because I have great colleagues who are always there for you if you need help or if you have a question. I feel at home in my job and I like that no day is exactly the same. Moreover, elho has beautiful new products every year, this year’s Pure collection is my absolute favourite.

  • Klaudia Kacprzak Employee support & fairs
  • Lucyna Kus sr. employee handling

    Sports, swimming, shopping, happy, going out

    Personal Question:

    What would you like to tell the elho customers and consumers?

    Elho is a growing and modern company. The products are interesting and of high quality and are available in a large number of colours. 


  • Maria van der Biezen Employee Handling

     “Cycling, hiking, grandchildren, going on vacation, garden

    Personal Question:

    Describe your closest colleagues

    I have great colleagues! They are good people to work with, we have lots of fun together!

  • Mariola Nowak Employee Handling

     “Cooking, shopping, swimming, cycling, Tiësto and Armin van Buuren fan

    Personal Question:

    Why do you feel comfortable at elho?

    I feel good here because my colleagues are friendly and helpful, I have lots of friends here and all departments have a nice atmosphere

  • Patrick van Halteren Employee Handling

     “Football, family, freedom, honesty, sociability

    Personal Question:

    Why do you feel good at elho?

    I feel comfortable here because I work with a large number of colleagues and we get along very well. Our department covers a lot of different activities which is why every day is different from the day before.