Customer Service

  • Amra Sacic Customer care representative
  • Ann Stoop Manager Customer Service

    "Family, running, loyalty, humor, enthusiasm, dog, skiing, optimist & Southern Spain"

    Personal question:

    "What do you like most about working with international clients?"

    Working with different nationalities provides additional diversity and dynamics in your work. Every country has its own "manual". To achieve maximum customer satisfaction, you can not simply apply the "Dutch manual" to every customer you come across. You really need to get to know the relevant (work) culture, regulations, customers and the language they speak. Never a dull moment ... and every day a little holiday spirit.

  • Annabel Lando Customer Care Representative
  • Anne van Maanen assistant sales manager

    "Sociability, hospitality, cooking, good food, movies, humor, Zumba - Pinterest (DIY), trends & developments"

    Personal question:

    "What is the reason why you go to work with a smile everyday?"

    Elho is a progressive company where both customers and staff are of very high importance. This can be seen in all areas; think of the professional appearance in the field of marketing, but also personnel processes are worked out to perfection. This creates a very pleasant atmosphere. Everybody in our extremely ambitious young team aims to continue our growth and to make elho the best in the market. It makes me immensely proud to work for elho! 


  • Bodine van Spreuwel employee sales & customer care

      "Shopping, music, terrace, sun, movies and series, team player '

    Personal question:

    "What makes your work fun?"

    Elho is a young and dynamic company that is constantly in motion and brings new products to the market every year. 

    On my first day, I got a very warm welcome at elho. Afterwards, I was given a tour of the company, where I met with colleagues from different departments.

    I like to be part of the Customer Service Team because of the variety of the work combined with a good working atmosphere and friendly colleagues, which are all important reasons for why I go to work with a smile.

    Moreover, elho offers you the opportunity for personal development, allowing you to grow within the company and make a better contribution to your team. Toghether we work hard to get satisfied customers and to keep them at elho.

  • Claudia Zoontjens coördinator sales & customer care

    "Fun, family, riding a bike, nice food, take a walk, ride a bicycle , animal lover"

     Personal question:

    "Why are you feeling so well at elho?"

    It's a very nice, open and conversant ambiance at elho. From the start it felt like a great environment to work, to learn and to develop. Colleagues are very helpfull, this give's me a great feeling that we are doing this all together. This way we can help our customers to the limit. Beside, elho is very well known of his high quality of products and they are very nice and innovative.  The combination of the ambiance, quality and our helpfull way to our customers, makes me feel great at elho! 


  • Danique Horvers employee customer care

    Shopping, sports, going on a holiday, going out, watching ice hockey

    Personal question:

     "Why would you recommend elho with to friend?"

    When you enter you immediately feel a warm welcome. Everything is taking cared of in details. 
    There’s a top atmosphere in the whole company and ofcourse the pots are fantastic.

  • Daphne Breuker employee sales & customer care

    "to play handball, baking, dog, family, teamplayer"

    Personal question:     

    Why do you go with pleasure to work?

    Because of the enthousiastic, fun and ambitous team, I show up to elho with a big smile.

    It's very important as a teamplayer to get the best out of me for the best results.

    Elho gives you space to grow and motivation for getting the best results.


  • Daphne van Dijck employee sales & customer care

    "Race cycling/mountainbiking, traveling, nature, photography, family&friends, enthousiastic, ice cream" 

    Personal Question:

    ‘‘Why do you feel good at elho”

    Working at elho feels like coming home. I feel welcome and valued here, from day one. The atmosphere is open and relaxed between the different departments and colleagues, which is why I go to work with a smile every day. At elho, everyone is part of this big family, the customers as well. 

    Next to that, it is inspiring to work in a dynamic international company like elho. You're surrounded by our beautiful, high quality products which are created meticulously and with lots of love. 

    In short: both on the inside and the outside, it is clear that elho is an extremely professional and ambitious company where everyone has the same goal: a happy customer. 


  • Diandra Schuller employee sales & customer care

     "Skiing, cooking, fine dining, shopping, reading & music"

    Personal question:

    "Which elho product do you like most?"

    It's very difficult to choose just one product, I think they are all very beautiful! If I have to choose one, I would pick the each and everyday collection. For example, you can use the Lizzy to go shopping or to go to the store, but you can also use it to tidy up your stuff at home in a nice way. They are also available in different colors which makes this collection even more fun!

  • Gönül Yumusak Employee CS

      "Children, traveling, shopping, dancing, cycling & watching movies "

    Personal question:

    "Why do you like working at elho?"

    Working at elho is super fun. It's an innovative, young and dynamic company, for which I have been working for a number of years now and would like to continue to work for many years.

    Every day is a new challenge and I've got great colleagues.

  • Hanna Reipen assistant sales manager

    "Reading, dog, cooking, family and holiday '

    Personal question: 

    "What do you think of the atmosphere at elho?" 

    In elho we work together in a large team to make our customers happy. Everyone helps everyone and therefore the atmosphere is nice. You are never alone!


  • Juliëtte Bouchier Assistant Sales Manager

     "Go-getter, sober, honest, Groningen, slippery ice & enjoyment"

    Personal question:

    "What gives you the greatest satisfaction in co-operating with the elho customers?"

    Each client has its value at elho. Whether the customer is a small or a large company, everyone gets their attention. For me, it's very satisficing to give every customer the best service everyday. I will always ensure that our customers know what we are doing and thereby experience the added value of our service. It always does me good when the customers are happy and express their appreciation. Where improvement is needed, I will always enthusiastically take up the challenge to make every customer a happy customer.

  • Linda Konings Team Coordinator

     "Traveling, running, lazy Sundays with friends, music & shopping"

    Personal question:

    "What would you tell the customer and consumers about elho?" 

    To the customer: Elho is a reliable supplier who provides high quality products and the elho concept will give you, our customer, more profit per square metre.

    To the consumer: In our extensive range you will always find a pot of planter which suits you. And elho is fun!



  • Maartje Blok employee sales & customer care

     "Cooking, baking bread, wine, France / Paris, swimming, English / Scandinavian detectives, reading & walking with my dog"

    Personal question:

    "Why would you recommend elho?"

    Elho is a very dynamic and fast growing company and that forces you to stay sharp every day. At the same time, it is a company that does not lose sight of its employees and makes sure you'll never feel like you're a dime in a dozen. It's good to see that there still are modern companies with a clear moral sense and responsibility for the environment and the world. 

  • Manon Lucassen assistant sales manager
  • Milou Graafmans customer care representative
  • Monique Willems Assistant Sales Manager

      Personal Question:

    "Why do you like to work at elho?"

    Working at elho for me is to work in an inspiring environment with many enthusiastic colleagues. Furthermore, the fact that the company is international and the many opportunities the employees have to develop and profile themselves hold a lot of appeal for me.

  • Noortje van der Knaap assistant sales manager
  • Stefanie van den Heuvel Assistant Sales Manager

    "Chocoholic, surfing, cooking, traveling, socializing, friends, driven"

    Personal question:

    "Why do you like to work at elho?"

    Elho is my first employer in the Netherlands and I was welcomed very nicely in the team. Every day is a challenge and I really like to have daily contact with international clients.

  • Patty Brabers Employee CS

     "Family, dog, holidays, cooking, socializing, eating out with friends"

    Personal question:

    "Which elho product do you love most?"

    It is very difficult to choose just one product, the collection at elho is enormous! My favorite product line is each&everyday. You can find a lot of these products in my home, because they are very useful when you want to organize or store your stuff in a fun way. The many different colours make you happy!

  • Sarah Mukuayanzo employee customer care
  • Shirley Verbunt employee sales & customer care

    "happy, passion voor cooking, movies, drinks and dinner"

    personal question:  

    "Why do you go to work with pleasure?"

    the atmosphere at elho is really nice. From the first day on everybody is really social and helpful.

    Elho is a growing company, and that has its reasons. Everybody is helping elho to let it grow and develop. every day is another challenge.  

    Besides this I really like the products of elho.